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Intellects College is a Technical Vocational College situated in Kitui Town Mary Muvee Building 2nd Floor . It is Located 500 m from Kitui Teachers college

To be the center of excellence in development of highly skilled business professionals in Africa.

Mission Statement
To Provide high quality training and professional skills in accountacy,Finance, Secretarial, Information technology and other related skills through excellent training,research and consultancy and creating an environment that challenges students to explore their intellectual and Human Potential.

Our Philosophy
Intellect college believes in shaping intellect and intellect support systems of all students and prepares them to profoundly understand business problems and solve them.

Core Values
We commit ourselves to embrace professionalism in serving the society through good corporate governance and endeavor to be honest, trustworthy and people of integrity. This is achieved by : -

•    Transparency in its interactions - The college shall be guided by the virtues of truth ,honesty and freedom of thought.
•    Accountability - The college will conduct its affairs with utmost transparency and answerability
•    Professionalism - The college shall nurture responsible professionals, promote mentor-ship, promote ethical behavior and etiquette among its staff
•    Society - The college will be at all times responsive to society issues.

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Intellects College
P.O. BOX 1501 Kitui
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 0714 883772, 0738 704001, 0710 578486

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