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Institute of Neo-Technology and Business Management Studies is a middle level private institution, acknowledged and following to the letter the guidelines of The Technical and Vocational Education & Training Authority (TVETA). We endeavor to offer modern and specialized training to our prospective students in all areas of studies. Institute of Neo Technology and Business Management Studies strive to improve the future of our students, being strictly guided by our motto.

EMPOWERING YOU TODAY, FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. As it is often said, ..Education is the key to Success... Here at NEO-TECHNOLOGY, we strive to give you, the learner, that key by providing quality and holistic education. In catering for the individual needs of each learner, NEO-TECHNOLOGY offers a variety of courses that lead up to diverse careers and professions. Considering the competitiveness of the job market nowadays, we are committed on offering more courses to give you a competitive edge. Our teachers are highly qualified, competent, and highly motivated towards ensuring that learners get the best education possible.
These teachers are always there to help you in the duration of your stay at NEO-TECHNOLOGY and to help you achieve your dreams. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you, as we strive to "EMPOWER YOU TODAY, FOR A BETTER TOMORROW" .

Vision Statement
To be a regional leader in producing highly skilled and tech-savvy graduates, with the capacity to transform the world through education and technology

Mission Statement
NEO-TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE is committed to offering quality and holistic education designed to technologically equip the 21st century learner with the intellect and skills requisite to the global community.

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Kenya Canners Sacco Plaza - Behind Nakumatt -THIKA
4th Floor
P.O Box 1193-01000, THIKA
Phone: 0721 614 226
Cell: 0714 292 555
Landline: 0770 441 425

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