GSU Training School Mandate is to to train staff to the highest possible standard of competency and integrity and to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and dignity.

(i). To offer basic training to GSU recruits.
(ii). To offer promotional courses to GSU officers.
(iii). To review GSU training curriculum.
(iv). To offer capacity building to GSU personnel.
(v). To be a research centre for emerging crimes.
(vi). To be a liaison centre with other training institutions.
(vii). To offer police science programs in collaboration with institutions of higher learning;
(viii). To run rehabilitation programmes for police officers
(ix). To establish, manage and utilise the existing satellite training centres in the counties for use by the Service

1. Craft in Information Technology (KNEC)
2. Craft in Information Communication Technology Technicians (ICTT) (KASNEB)

GSU Training School     
P.O. Box 19095-00501