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Chepkorio Vocational Training Centre is a training centre situated in Uasin Gishu, Kenya.  

Some of the courses offered at Chepkorio Vocational Training Centre include

1. NVCET in Fashion Design and Garment Making (KNEC)
2. Trade Test in Tailoring and Dressmaking (NITA)
3. NVCET in Appropriate Carpentry (KNEC)/ (NITA)
4. NVCET in Carpentry and Joinery (KNEC)
5. NVCET in Building Technology (KNEC)
6. Trade Test in Masonry (NITA)
7. NVCET in Electrical installation (KNEC)
8. Trade Test in Electrical Wireman (NITA)
9. NVCET in Metal Processing Technology (KNEC)
10. Trade Test in General Fitters (NITA)
11. NVCET in Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy (KNEC)
12. Trade Test in Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy (NITA)
13. NVCET in Food Processing technology (KNEC)
14. NVCET in Agribusiness (KNEC)

Chepkorio Vocational Training Centre Contacts

P.O.Box: 2657- 30100 Eldoret
Tel: 0721274408
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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