Career Training Centre, Nairobi (CTC) is an education and training solution and services provider and has been in operation since 1991, with a wealth of experience in innovative education and training programmes covering; business education, career development, aviation & travel, computer studies and hospitality.
To empower our diverse student body to succeed in today’s dynamic world by integrating general education, professional skills and career-focused education.
To this end, we employ our faculty, services, curricula and facilities to equip students with the conceptual and practical tools to become contributing members of society and to achieve success in employment fields with high growth potential. The curricula are constantly updated to reflect the changing needs of the industry and incorporate the latest methodologies to maintain a dynamic learning environment.
Our primary goal is to provide students with high quality, solid education and practical foundation through expert guidance and motivation to meet the operating standards in an international environment and help them to further themselves in their chosen career paths. Study and practical programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs of students and the requirement of the industry.

Career Training Centre Ltd
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