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Bishop Okullu College is situated near Kokise Primary School in Asembo, Siaya County in Kenya. It is an Anglican Institution of Higher learning authorized by the Commission for Higher education to offer degree in theology in collaboration with the Great Lakes University of Kisumu.

The college was founded in 1978 by the Community of Kokise in Asembo and was then supported by the Anglican Church Diocese of Maseno South. It was originally started as a community Village Polytechnic offering vocational courses in agriculture, carpentry and joinery, masonry and tailoring. In 1984 the members of the community donated more land to the institution to accommodate ministerial training for pastors. In 2002, the college entered into partnership with two institutions: the Tropical Institute for Community Health in Africa (TICH) and Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp Belgium to establish the Great Lakes University of Kisumu and Youth Intervention Centre respectively.

To build a strong, committed and visionary leadership for Church and community based programmes.

To create practical approach to issues affecting the church and society thus making heaven on earth a reality.
Our society Is faced with social, moral, economic and political crises which may be attributed to shortage of dynamic, honest and morally endowed leadership in the public and private sectors. In view of this, the College aims at achieving transformation through promoting a culture of openness, responsibility, justice in our leadership systems, youth participation in Church and national development and equity that cuts across religious, racial, tribal and gender lines.

Tel: +254 722 289 695 or +254 733 870 893
P. O. Box 87 – 406211, Nylima
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.

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