Airways Travel Institute was founded in 1998. It is specialized in training the course such as travel, tourism, hotel and business studies. Airways Travel Institute is located in Occidental Plaza, Westlands. The college prides itself with offering courses to students who are preparing to pursue careers in the hospitality industry as well as airlines. Students are molded to become professionals in the relevant industries. The institute has well equipped classrooms and library thus ensuring that students get access to all needed academic resources.

•    Diploma in Environmental Studies (Environmental Studies)
•    Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Management (Hotel & Institutional Management
•    Diploma in Cabin Crew/Air Hostess (Cabin Crew
•    Diploma in Travel & Tourism (Travel & Tourism)
•    Diploma in Housekeeping and Front Office Management (Housekeeping)
•    Diploma in Flight Dispatch Operations (Flight Dispatch Operations)
•    Diploma in Community Development, Project Planning & Management (Community
•    Diploma in Housekeeping and Front Office Management (Housekeeping)
•    Diploma in computerized clearing and forwarding (clearing and forwarding)
•    Certificate in Community Development (Community Development)
•    Certificate in Tourism (Tourism)
•    CPA
•    ATC
•    Computer packages

Nairobi Campus:
Located in Westlands Shopping Centre

Mombasa Campus
P.O. Box: 94050-80107 Mombasa
Harbour House, 2nd Floor, Moi Ave, Mombasa
Tel: +254 412317493