Christian International Technology Centre

Christian International Technology Centre (CITC) in collaboration with Moi University and University of Eldoret offers the following courses

•    Diploma/Certificate in Business Management     KCSE C-/D+
•    Diploma/Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Mgt     KCSE C-/D+
•    Diploma/Certificate in Tourism Management     KCSE C-/D+
•    Diploma in Economics                 KCSE C-
•    Diploma in Agriculture Economics & Resource Mgt     KCSE C-
•    Diploma in Human Resource                 KCSE C
•    Diploma in Project Planning and Management     KCSE C
•    Diploma/Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education KCSE C-/D+
•    Diploma in Education Arts                 KCSEC
•    Diploma/Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture     KCSEC-/D+
•    Diploma/Certificate in Food Science & Nutrition     KCSEC-/D+
•    Diploma/Certificate in Community Development     KCSEC-/D+
•    Diploma/Certificate in Animal Production and Health KCSEC-/D+
•    Diploma in Horticulture/General Agriculture         KCSEC-/D+
•    Diploma/Certificate in Daily Technology         KCSED+
•    Certificate in Community Health             KCSEC-/D+
•    Diploma in Supply chain Management         KCSEC
•    Diploma in Social work and community development KCSE      C
•    Diploma/Certificate in Sales and Management     KCSE C-/D+
•    Diploma in Travel Agent Management         KCSE C
•    Accounting Technician Certificate             KCSE D+
•    Certified Public Accountants                KCSE C+

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