Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Online Courses

Searching for Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Online Courses. Whether you are a returning student, adult student or just starting your college education, AAMU Online could be the right choice for you! Alabama A&M University understands that enrolling as a traditional full time student is not always an option for everyone. Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Online courses and programs are taught by the same faculty teaching on our campus, but with flexibility that fits your schedule. AAMU Online brings a quality education to you!

As an online student at Alabama A&M University, you’ll join a diverse community of students—many just like you—focused on a common objective: developing and achieving their full personal and professional potential.

Alabama A&M faculty members leverage their academic expertise to provide innovative approaches to learning that lead students to apply new knowledge and skills in real-world settings. Their interaction with each student in the online classroom gives students the support needed to complete class assignments and improve their understanding of concepts taught in the course.


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University of Alabama in Huntsville Online Courses

Searching for University of Alabama in Huntsville Online Courses? UAH offers 18 academically challenging online programs through a variety of carefully selected online learning (OL) formats, each deemed most appropriate for the course content and design of our departments and colleges.

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Online Programs & Courses


  • Human Resource Management – M.S.
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management – M.S.
  • Business Analytics – M.S.
  • Information Systems M.S. – (coming Fall 2016)


  • Elementary Education – M.Ed.
  • Secondary Education* – M.Ed.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders – M.Ed. or Certificate
  • Reading Education – M.Ed.
  • English Speakers of Other Languages – M.Ed.


  • Engineering Management – MSE or Ph.D.
  • Industrial Engineering – MSE or Ph.D.
  • Operations Research – MSOR
  • Systems Engineering – MSE or Ph.D.
  • Civil Engineering* – MSE or Ph.D.
  • Mechanical Engineering* – MSE
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering* – MSASE


  • Cybersecurity*- M.S.
  • Software Engineering* – MSSE


  • Nursing Education* – Certificate
  • Nursing (RN) – BSN
  • Nursing (Leadership in Health Care Systems) – MSN
  • Nursing Practice – DNP

* Hybrid program offered primarily through an online format

Online & Hybrid Online Courses

UAH offers a growing number of individual online courses in the fields of Accounting, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, and Technical Writing at the undergraduate as well as graduate level.  As well, UAH is constantly increasing our offering of Hybrid Online classes (51% or more online), including Biology, Education, English, First Year Experience, Health & Physical Education, Information Systems, and Marketing. For a list of available courses, as well as the option to search by course format type including Online (O) and Hybrid (H), see the UAH Interactive Course Schedule.

Professional and Continuing Studies

Choose online, on demand courses and certificates led by industry professionals and university experts to increase your salary potential and career mobility. Remain at the forefront of your area of expertise, increase your knowledge, and advance in your professional career path — all through the convenience of 24/7 online access. Visit the Professional and Continuing Studies site here. 

University of Alabama at Birmingham Online Courses

Searching for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Online Courses?

No matter where you are in the world, access to our online degree and certificate programs allows you to be a part of this exciting university experience.
UAB is an internationally renowned research university and academic medical center known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education.

From online courses to complete online degree programs, eLearning at the University of Alabama at Birmingham offers the same excellent, renowned educational opportunities online as it does in the traditional on-campus classes. New technology is making online classes even more collaborative and engaging, bringing the experience of a traditional classroom to an online community. This allows all students to be a part of the UAB community whether they are in Birmingham taking a blend of online and on-campus courses or in another country earning a completely online degree.  While some degree programs and certificates are offered completely online, others require some on-ground components, such as clinicals local to where you are, on-campus intensives, or labs. However, some of these on-ground components can be arranged local to where you are!

UAB currently offers online, distance accessible, and blended undergraduate degrees and minors, graduate degrees, academic certificates, and professional studies courses and certificates. Explore the online degree programs available below or search for online courses. Need help in determining the right path for you? We can help. Simply submit a request for information, and we will link you with the right person to answer any questions you may have or to give you the guidance you need.

If you are interested in enrolling in an online undergraduate or graduate degree program or academic certificate program, the following steps will help you get started. If you have specific questions before or during the enrollment process, you can contact us using our online information request form or by emailing us at Representatives at each college or school can also assist you.

1. Find out if eLearning is right for you.

Take the “Is eLearning for You?” quiz to see if you have the necessary technical skills, time, and other skills needed to take online courses.

2. Check for State Restrictions

We are required to obtain state authorizations in order to offer online courses and degree programs to students in other states. For some states, we are able to accept students, but not in all programs. Check the state authorizations page for any restrictions. This does not apply for international students.

3. Choose a Program

There are many online undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from, as well as academic certificates and professional studies programs. Explore the available online degree and certificate programs:

4. Learn About the Courses

All online academic courses can be found in the UAB course catalog. Our online courses can be taken in conjunction with your on-campus courses to complete degree programs not offered online. Explore available online courses.

5. Learn about UAB

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is known world-wide for its medical, research, and academic departments. The online degree programs offered at UAB are held to the same high standards as traditional programs, and you can expect to receive the same high level of education regardless of whether you are doing an online or traditional degree program. Learn more about why you should consider UAB.

6. Get Started

Getting started is easy. The admissions page has links to the important information you will need to know about the admissions process, financial aid, and more.

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Online and Distance Learning Courses at the University of Alabama

Find some of the Online and Distance Learning Courses at the University of Alabama.
Distance Learning means earning your degree without having to live on or visit campus every day. Some distance students earn their bachelor’s after many years away from school. Others earn a master’s or other advanced degrees. Whatever your circumstances, our support team has helped thousands of people, just like you, to earn new degrees and new lives.

•    Am I Ready for Distance Learning?
•    How to Take Classes

How to Take Classes

Your Own Place

When you become a student, you will have your own private account called myBama. Here you will be able to see your class schedule, grades and evaluations. You’ll be able to order books, see updates from professors and have access to all the resources of The University of Alabama, including the library online. It’s easy to use.

Your Formats

Depending on your degree, you will use one or more of the following formats to complete your coursework:

  • Online Courses
      • Students are instructed through a secured Internet site. You will interact with professors and complete lessons via e-mail. You will use the Blackboard Learn technology for online or blended classes. This system has easy to use tools which allow instructors and students to share information and discussions, as well as submit and evaluate class work and grades.
  • Evening Courses
      • Designed to meet the needs of both part-time and full-time students, Evening courses are offered each semester after 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. These convenient course times offer working adults another option for completing graduate and undergraduate coursework in various subject areas.
  •  Video Streaming
      • Bama by Distance offers online video streaming. Lectures are recorded as they occur and streamed via the internet the same day. Students who do not have high speed internet access are given the option to receive DVD recordings of the lectures. Students complete the same course requirements as on-campus students and take proctored exams at convenient sites.
  • IITS (videoconferencing)
      • The Intercampus Interactive Telecommunication System (IITS) is a network of conference rooms connected to a statewide videoconferencing network. Approximately 30 sites throughout Alabama are equipped with cameras, monitors, and other devices that allow teachers and students to interact as if they were in the same room. Anyone using IITS can offer two-way interactive classes or meetings at all locations.
  • Weekend Courses
      • Weekend courses are offered each semester on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and afternoons. Scheduling weekend classes is especially convenient for part-time students who would like to pursue academic studies while working.
  • Gadsden Education and Research Center
      • Established in 1946, The University of Alabama’s Gadsden Education and Research Center is an off-campus program serving residents of northeast Alabama, southeast Tennessee, and northwest Georgia. The Center offers degrees in Education and Library Information.
  • Blended
      • Some degree programs are offered using a combination of the formats listed above. While online classes offer flexibility and convenience, many students also enjoy the classroom for face-to-face time with professors and peers. See each program’s description page for details.


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