Life expectancy of men and women in Kenya

The life expectancy of men and women in Kenya has increased over the years. However the life expectancy of women in Kenya is usually slightly higher than that of men.

A report by KPHC in 2009 showed that at birth there are slightly more boys than girls but as years go by the statistics changes to have more female that male.

Number in thousands of men and women over different age group in Kenya

Age-group      Female           Male

0-4                   3,526               3,582

3-5                   2,077               2,118

6-13                 4,668               4,749

14-17               1,965               2,051

15-19               2,380               2,456

15-34               8,340               7,923

15-64               12,735             1 2,302

15-49               11,343             1 0,929

65 & above      798                  677

Source: 2009 KPHC Analytical Report on Population Projections, 2012

What makes Kenyan men have a slightly lower life expectancy than women?

The important question that often lingers in mind is what makes more women reach adult life and elderly life than men? In Kenya the boy child has faced a lot of challenges including early exposure of drug abuse, especially illegal alcohol, something that has led to many early deaths for our Kenyan men.

Another reason that leads to the difference of number of women and men over years is that more men end up in crime life. Some are killed by the police and others through mob justice. In rare cases do women involve in crimes that endanger their lives.

Kenyan women generally face more hardship than men throughout their life. As result there have been many initiatives that cater for the needs of the girl child. On the other hand the boy child has been neglected for the longest time. This has affected ways in which men are able to face the challenges that come to them.

Below is graph showing the life expectancy of men and women in Kenya versus that of life expectancy of women in Kenya

Life expectancy of men and women in Kenya

Common family planning methods in Kenya

As we look at common family planning methods in Kenya, it is important to know that the since independence more and more women are accepting the idea of having less children.

Common family pCommon family planning methods in Kenyalanning methods in Kenya

As a result many have accepted different methods of family planning, which today we are going to look at. The types of family planning method chosen by Kenyan women depend on several factors.

Factors affecting choice of family planning methods in Kenya include

1. Level of education

Numbers in Thousands

A Kenyan woman is likely to accept any form of family planning method as the level of education increases. In most marginalized areas like Northern part of the country, fewer women accept any form of method hence a higher birth rate.

2. Cultural beliefs

There are some culture who discourage any form of family planning and over the years women in such culture are forced to have as many children as possible

3. Health background

Every woman react differently to the different forms of family plan methods, so every woman makes a decision depending on the best method that suites their needs.

Below are the common family planning methods in Kenya

1. Injectable
2. Implants
3. Pills
4. intra uterine device (IUD)
5. Tubal ligation
6. Male condoms

Luxury bus services from Nairobi to Kampala

Are you planning to travel to Kampala by bus? Well if the answer is yes, then today we have highlighted the luxury bus services from Nairobi to Kampala.

Travelling to Kampala by bus can be an exciting affair where one will have the opportunity to see different landscape including the Great Rift Valley, the hills, valleys, wildlife and even the diverse climatic conditions.

The approximate bus fare to Uganda, Kampala depends on the type of bus you will use. Luxury buses charge a higher amount than ordinary buses. The level of class will also be a determining factor together with the season. During festive seasons and public holidays the fare many be higher due to the high demand. On average the fare to Kampala ranges from Kshs 2000/= to 3500/=. Below a highlight of luxury bus services from Nairobi to Kampala



Easy Coach headquarter is located in Nairobi along Haile Selassie road in Railways Go down. There are other pick up location or stations across the country

Contact and telephone details

P.O Box 3185 00200-NAIROBI,
Office: 020-2210711/2, 0203593790
Mobile: 726354300
Easy coach approximate fare to Kampala is Kshs 2500/=


In Nairobi, Mash Poa offices are located along river road


Contact and telephone details

P.O Box 98728, 80200-MOMBASA,
Office: 020244476
Mobile: 723463685
Mash Poa approximate fare to Kampala is Kshs 2500-3500


Modern Coast buses offices are located in River road, prestige, South C. The headquarters are in Mombasa next Makupa Police Mombasa.


Contact and telephone details

P.O Box97079, 80112-MOMBASA,
Office: 041-2495812
Mobile: +254 709 897 000

Modern Coast bus approximate fare to Kampala is Kshs 2500-3500



Contact and telephone details

P.O Box 86401, 80100-MOMBASA,
Office: 0735356561
Mobile: 0722942979

Tahmeed Coach bus approximate fare to Kampala is Kshs 2200



Contact and telephone details

P.O Box 4612, 00200-NAIROBI,
Office: 0722221290
Mobile: 0722221290

The Guardian bus approximate fare to Kampala is Kshs 2200


P.O Box 42551, 80100-MOMBASA,
Office: 0713667744
Mobile: 726154484


Kampala Coach Ltd -Head Office
Address: P.O Box
Physical location: Duruma Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Most Developed Towns in Kenya

The rate of development in Kenya has been growing but at a decreasing rate. The most developed towns in Kenya have grown even in the midst of challenges such as over pollution, over population, unplanned housing and many more.

A visit to the following towns will actually show that there are among the most developed in Kenya on the basis of physical structures, industries, access to vital services like hospitals etc.

Most Developed Towns in Kenya

1. Nairobi

As the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi has grown since independence and currently it is among the Africa’s most preferred business hub. The development in Nairobi has come with better facilities, ease to do businesses and vast market that comes with the big population. The national government together with county government are planning to upgrading facilities like roads, housing, sewerage systems etc.

2. Mombasa

Over the years Mombasa has been one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in the country. The town is also among the oldest in the country. Currently Mombasa has grown in broad terms like more industries, hotels, roads and the current seating governor, Ali Joho is planning to expand the town further.

3. Nakuru Town

Nakuru town was previously the major trading centre fo the whole of Rift valley, but as per the new constitution is the trading centre for Nakuru county. The history of Nakuru town dates backs in 1900 when it used to be a camp for people who were building the railways line. It is the fourth largest town in the country with major revenues coming from tourism as some of the lakes are located its environs

4. Kisumu Town

Another town that is most developed in Kenya is Kisumu town. As the third largest town a it plays a major role in trading activities in the lake region. Currently it is the headquarter Nyanza county.

5. Thika Town

Thika town is known as the industrial town of Kenya. The number of the industries in Thika is growing each day; some of the big industries you will find in this town include Bidco Industries ltd, Kenblest Group, Capwell industries, Kenya Vehicle Manufactures, etc.

6. Eldoret Town

Eldoret town is an agricultural based town that is located in Uasin Gishu and it is the fifth largest town in Kenya. It is the home town for many Athletes in Kenya. Unlike many towns which grew as a result of colonialism, Eldoret was a town basically started by farmers.

Towns in Kenya emerged as a result of different reasons including colonial centre, trading centre, industrial centre or even agricultural centres. Most developed towns in Kenya are the development hubs in which the country’s future growth may base on. The Kenyan government should look into more ways to ensure that even as this development continues, it is managed to ensure that they do not end up with bad plans. In current cities like Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu the rate of growth in settlement did not grow at the same rate with facilities hence leading to problems such as over population, poor housing and slum development, flooding, increased crime etc.

Amazing facts and dates about Kenyan women

According to a study done by Kenya National Bureaus of Statistics there are several amazing facts and dates about Kenya women that all Kenyans should have a look at.

• In 1955 the first group of women were admitted to University of Nairobi

• In 1958 Jemimah T Gecaga was the First African woman to joins the Legislative Council/ nominated to Parliament

• 1961 Priscilla Ingasiani Abwao was the first African woman attends the Lancaster constitutional talks in London

• In 1963 Kenyan women were given their first right/opportunity to vote

• In 1964 Kenyan women were granted maternity leave

• Effie Owuor is the first woman to be elected as a state council in Kenya in 1967, she was also the first woman to become a magistrate and a Judge of Court of Appeal

• In 1975 Kalpana Rawal become the first female lawyer in Kenya

• Grace Akech Onyango is the first woman to be appointed mayor in Kenya. Her appointed was done in 1968

• In 1969 Grace Akech Onyango also became the first woman to be elected as Member of Parliament

• In 1971, the Late professor Wangari Mathai become the first East African woman to get a PHD

• Philemona Bachaberi Koech was the first woman appointed Provincial Commissioner in 1999

• In 1974 Prof Julia Ojiambo, was elected as the first Assistant Minister, an assistance Minister in Education

• In 1995 Koki Mutungi became the first Kenyan female to become a pilot

• In 2004 Koki Mutungi also became the first East African and Kenyan woman to qualify to become a captain of a commercial aircraft.

• In 2014 Koki still became the first African female Boeing 787 Captain in the world

• In 1997, Charity Kaluki Ngilu became the first female president candidate

• In 2017 general election three women became the first to be elected in the position of governor. They include Joyce Laboso for Bomet county, Anne Waiguru for Kirinyaga county and Charity Ngilu for Kitui county

• Still in 2017, Margaret Kamar for Uasin Gishu county , Susan Kihika for Nakuru county and Fatuma Dullo for Isiolo county won the seat of senators

Best Dreadlocks styles in Nairobi

In Nairobi women have embraced change in regard to the hairstyles.  Dreadlocks have become common and today we are going to look at best dreadlocks styles in Nairobi.

Many women prefer having dreadlocks as they consider them to be more manageable than the normal hair.

Best Dreadlocks styles in Nairobi

How to start growing dreadlocks

For those who are wondering how they would turn their natural hair to locks, the process is easy but requires a lot of patience. To lock your natural hair you will require a moulding gel, usually found in most local beauty shop.

The size width of the locks will depend on how the hair sections will be divided. With proper management it can take up to six months for your locks to fully form. To grow your dreadlocks longs you will need to eat well, exercise regularly, constantly oil and wax them.

Best dreadlocks salons/stylist in Kenya

Before we look at best dreadlocks styles in Nairobi, we list the best dreadlocks salons/stylist in Kenya. The list is based on experiences from different clients and the quality of services they give. Dreadlocks stylists have recently increased as more women are accepting this style which was previously associated with Rastafarians.

A visit to one of this salon/stylist will leave you impressed and looking forward for another good experiment with your locks

  1. Dreadlocks Nairobi Kenya and Beauty Salons

Located along Moi Avenue inside Kenya cinema building

Phone no: 0723 687868

  1. Nairobi Sister locks and Dreadlocks Experts

Located along Tom Mboya Street

Phone no: 0720 551665

  1. Well springs Dreadlocks salon

Located along Tom Mboya

Phone No: 0701 243139

  1. Dreadlocks Africa Ltd

Located at World Business Centre along Tom Mboya

0712 694566

  1. Classic Dreadlocks

Located in Kahawa West

Phone no: 0725 279848

  1. Johnnie The loctician

Located along Kimathi street

0727 591400

  1. Blessed Beauty Parlour

Located along Tom Mboya Street, Inside Family Trade Centre Building, opposite Eastmatt supermarket

Also located in Sasa mall.1st floor room f35
Nairobi, Kenya

Phone no: 0702 341653

  1. Creative Dreadlocks Palace Kenya

Phone no: 0723241775

To create a more fashionable look dreadlocks can be styled into different ways as illustrated below,

Dread hairstyles

Courtesy of: Pinterest

A simple way to style your locks at home is just roll the up and use hair pins for support; this will be suitable for long dreadlocks. To bring out more elegance you can add some few beads at the end of few locks.

Best Dreadlocks styles in Nairobi

For someone who has constantly styled their locks, one can just tie them in to a ponytail. A simple style than can give someone a relaxed look

From: Pinterest

To give a more sophisticated look one can dye the tips of the lock, some part can then twist then other part be rolled with curl rolls to create curled locks. No doubt this style will be fit for both official and non-official duties.


From: Nairobi sister locks

Dreadlocks can also be twisted together to form simple cornrows which one can add weave or other braids to form a good appearance and full high bun


Well springs Dreadlocks salon

By: Well springs Dreadlocks salon

By: Classic Dreadlocks


For someone who admires curly dreadlocks one can curl them You can also twist your locks in on one side and curl the other

By: Dreadlocks Africa Ltd

Holding your locks into pony tail can also be added some style by folding the edges in to a simple or sophisticated style.

Courtesy of Pinterest

One of the best styles for your dreadlocks is high bun. It looks presentable and yet one can attend to official meeting with such style.


Where to Find Mushroom Farmers and Mushroom Experts in Kenya

Are a upcoming mushroom farmers wondering Where to find mushroom farmers and Mushroom experts in Kenya?

For people planning to get into mushroom farming, nothing comes in handy as the advice of a person who has ventured in the same field.  We have previously looked at Where to sell your mushrooms in Kenya, general Mushroom farming in Kenya and Best types of mushroom to plant in Kenya.

Recently there are many farmers who have accepted mushroom but for still the demand is still high. As more and more people get into mushroom farming we have aimed to provide much information as possible.

It is in this regard that, we would like to give more information on where to find mushroom farmers and experts who grow or study the growth of mush rooms in Kenya.

Name                                                    Location                               Phone number

Mushroom Guru                              Nairobi                                 0731 079150

Mushroom Kenya                            Karen Nairobi                   0735 803239

Mushroom blue                               Kiambu                                 0715 741222

Icara Farm                                           Naivasha                              +254 722 285 017

Victor Kyalo                                        Machakos

Jeff Anthony                                      Kisumu

Muhia Kahinju                                   Dagorreti

Metrin Akinyi                                     Kisumu

James Karanja                                   Limuru

Zacharia Mwangi                              Juja, Kiambu

John Muchura                                   Juja- Kiambu County.

Kilima Mushroom Farm                                                                 0711 633987

Starich farm                                                                                        0702818141

Kuuno farm                                                                                        0721 701621

Jack Muchai-North Rift Grower Associations

Lucy Wanjiru- Founder of Producers of Mushroom Association, Kenya (POMAK)

Naboth Ahoya                                   Moi University

Worst Fire Tragedies in Kenya’s Secondary Schools

In Kenya, the rate at which schools have been burned has been increasing as years pass by. However, even with this negative trend, there some outstanding and worst fire tragedies to have occurred in Kenya’s secondary schools. The history of school fire in Kenya dates back in 1980’s and below we has listed some of the worst fire tragedies in Kenya’s secondary schools.

Worst Fire Tragedies in Kenya’s Secondary Schools

1. St Kizito Secondary School fire tragedy- July 13, 1991

The fire tragedy at St. Kizito Secondary School occurred on 13th July 1991. On this day there was school unrest as the male students failed to attend classes on the basis that the school denied them the chance to take part in the inter schools athletics championship which was being held at regional centre. Being a mixed school the girls did not participate in the boycott. Unlike the male students, the girls remained calm and watched from the safety of their dorms.  The school administration assumed that the school unrest would subsidize with coming of the night. It later emerged that their assumption was wrong as the boys attacked the girl’s dormitory. On this fateful day 19 girls lost their lives and 70 more injured and raped. What had appeared as a normal school strike turned to be one of the worst tragedies. According to the New York Times, most of these girls were attacked in their dorm. The girls had actually locked themselves once they got the hint that they might be attacked. The boys accessed the dorm through the roof with an aim of picking out girls whom they accused of having relationship staff members. During that stampede 19 girls was crushed and suffocated by the rest as they sought for safety. A catastrophic night it was, the school was closed down. Although the school was later renamed to St. Cyprian Secondary School, to the people who lost their loved ones their loss will never be forgotten.

2. Bombolulu Girls High School fire tragedy 1998

The Bombolulu secondary school fire tragedy is also another of Kenya’s worts school tragedy. The school is located in Mombasa and the said fire tragedy occurred in 1998. At that time it was not clear what caused the fire, but years later it was discovered that the fire was caused by electrical fault. On that fateful night 26 girls were burned beyond recognition in a fire that blazed their dorm while others were crushed by the falling parts of the roof. There were contracting reports where it was reported that the dorm main door was locked from outside that is why the girls were not able to escape easily. On the other hand the matron of the school reported that the dorm was normally locked from inside. Since the girls were burned beyond recognition they were buried in mass grave , in a funeral  attended by the then seating president Daniel Moi and hundreds of mourners. That night the dorm was having around 144 girls. The school later changed its name to Mazeras Memorial Secondary School

3.     Nyeri High School fire tragedy- May 23, 1999

The fire at Nyeri High School is a good example of effects of negative peer influence. What happened on the night of May 23, 1999 would actually show how students with range could turn against their school mates. On this tragic night, four prefects were locked inside their cubicle in the dorm while they slept; the cubicle was soaked with petrol and set on fire. Due to the petrol the fire spread so fast and the four tried to escape but could not. They were later rescued but they all died due to the severe burns they sustained. The main grudge was that the student who caused the fire felt that they were being treated unfairly by the students hence they revenged.

4.     Kyanguli Secondary School fire tragedy-March 27, 2001

Kyanguli Secondary School

Kyanguli secondary school fire tragedy is the worst to have ever happened in the country. This tragedy occurred on 27 March 2001, a night that 67 students lost their lives through an inferno caused by the students. The main suspects of Kyanguli fire tragedy were Felix Mambo and Davies Onyango. The two planned how they could burn one of the dorms so as to lead to early closing of school. Although they never intended to cause any harm their action ended up killing their colleagues. The scene of the crime was a sad one, with body burned beyond recognition and as reported by Standard newspaper, some few bodies were piled up on a certain window as they tried to pull down its grills to get out. The main doors were locked from outside, something that led to the death of 67 students, 21 were injured and 70 survived. .

5. Asumbi Girls Boarding Primary School fire tragedy-Aug 22, 2012

Asumbi Girls Boarding Primary School fire tragedy is also one of the worst in Kenya. The cause of fire was as a result of electric fault. The fire began at around 8 pm , minutes after the girls have slept.  The fire spread fast and since they were locked in the dorm they could not get out immediately. In this tragedy, 8 girls lost their lives.

6.     Endarasha Boys Secondary School fire tragedy-October 17, 2010

On the fateful night on 17 October 2010, students set ablaze a dorm having 180 students on the grievances that the school had not set up enough social amenities. Engraved with range that their school was not meeting their demands, few students sneaked from the school and bought petrol form the nearby market. In the wee hours of the night fire was started and two students were burnt and the rest managed to save their lives.

7. Step joy Boys Boarding School fire tragedy- August 3, 2015

Two boys lost their lives after the dorm they were sleeping in was set on fire by some students.

8.     Moi Girls School fire tragedy- September 3, 2017

The fire tragedy at Moi Girls School is one of the recent worst fire tragedies in Kenya’s Secondary Schools. Eight students lost their lives and several others were injured. The fire was suspected to have been caused a disobedient girl who started by burning some parts on the ground floor of a form one dorm having more than 300 students.

Current Nigeria Braids Hairstyles 2019 – 2020

Nigerians are known for setting up the pace in braids styles and today we are going to look at current Nigerian braids hairstyles 2019-2020. The beauty that comes with good braid hairstyles is that it enhances one looks and maintains a clear facial structure depending on the style.

Braids also give the hair some break from constant breakages that come with constant combing. Good braids should suit one facial structure and should not be too tight as it can lead to hair breakage.

Current Nigeria Braids Hairstyles

Below we have colourful picture of current Nigerian hairstyles 2019-2020.

1. Large Stitch cornrows Braids 

Although cornrows have bee one of the common hairstyle in Nigeria, currently the trend is changing with more style adjustments that make them look better and elegant.

1. Large Stitch cornrows Braids

2. Cornrows with twisted Mohawk

Nothing is more outstanding than well done cornrows and are properly styled into a Mohawk.

3. Kinky braids Hair style

Another best Nigeria style is Kinky braids. For the people who admire dreadlocks but don’t plan to grow them permanently the kinky braids can be braided to look like dreadlocks and they create a good look.

4. Small styled Ghanaians  cornrows

There are different styles that one can do the cornrows. Some include slant cornrows, ponytailed cornrows, ponytailed and pushback cornrows, pushback cornrows etc.

5. Beehive centred Mohawk

This Nigerian style is very suitable for someone having wedding. Not only is it stylish it also brings out the beauty of all ladies regardless of the facial structure.

Beehive centred Mohawk

6. Large styled stitch cornrows

To add and make the stitch cornrows look more fashionable one can actually style them as illustrated in below photo.

7. Mohawk styled kinky braids

When cornrows are done with baby locks they appear beautiful especially if styles into a Mohawk. They easily blend with one’s natural hair and they require no additional care than constant oiling.

8. Short Box braids

Box braids are one of the oldest braids hairstyles. More people are accepting the short box braids more than long ones due to easier styling and management.

Short Box braids

When Will Schools Close For Mid-Terms In 2019?

As we answer the question when will schools close for mid-term in 2019, it is good to understand that in 2018, Ministry of Education introduced midterm for all public schools, both primary and secondary schools.

This action definitely brought more joy to Kenyan primary school students as previously they were excluded from any mid-term breaks. However, in third term there will be break as it has been in the both 2017 and 2018

When Will Schools Close For Mid-Terms In 2019?

Schools will close for 2019 mid-terms as between any of the following dates

Primary school half-term

First-term: 18th-24 February, 2019

Second term: 17th-23 June, 2019

Secondary school half-term

First-term: 18th-24 February, 2019

Second term: 10th-16th June, 2019