Corona Virus in Kenya

Corona Virus in Kenya- Kenyans are crossing their fingers and praying every day that no cases of corona virus will be confirmed in the country. As at 28 February 2020 no cases had been confirmed but the arrival of 239 passengers on 27 February 2020 has raised some eyebrows.

Kenyans don’t understand why the government would allow an aircraft from Guangzhou China would be cleared into country. In a country where people die due simple sickness like cholera and malaria, it’s disheartening to imagine what would happen if the virus is reported. While numerous countries in the world are quick to suspend flights from China, Kenya is quick to open her bounders on the basis that its discriminatory to deny anyone entrance into the county just because they come from the corona virus prone country

The four cabinet secretaries, Racheal Omamo, James Macharia, Sicily Kariuki and Fred Matiangi have been reckless by allowing China Southern Airline into the country, however senior official in government have admitted that the move was wrong and they infact went ahead to summon foreign affair cabinet secretary.

Although further flights from China are yet to be confirmed by the concern ministries, vital questions have come up including how well are we prepared to handle cases of corona virus?

How well is Kenya prepared to handle the virus?

Information from the Ministry of health shows that Kenya has only 11 isolation beds at Kenyatta National Hospital. The health ministry Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr. Rashid Aman added that they had identified an open ward at Mbagathi Hospital but it would take a month to prepare it. With only 11 isolation beds it’s distressing to see how the health ministry is quick to say that they are taking all the necessary caution to protect Kenyans.

The out-going Health CS emphasized that they requested the 239 passengers from China to self-quarantine before going on with their normal schedules. It’s this nonsense that shows how our leadership has failed us. It’s unimaginable that Kenyans trapped in China could not get a chance to be evacuated yet we have gone ahead and allowed 198 more foreigners into our country. It’s high time that the government stops exposing Kenyan on the basis of not being discriminatory. Currently, over 56 countries have locked out flights from China and Kenya should learn from them

Facts Kenyans need to know about Corona Virus


  • High temperature
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Cough

How does the virus get into the body and how does it spread

The virus enters the body through the nose and mouth and it spread through contact with infected person/ surfaces, or through contacts of droplets from an infected person.

How to tell if one has corona virus

If you someone has the above symptoms a lab test will be required to confirm if the patient has the virus

Where can one get tested?

Currently testing is only done at Kenyatta National Hospital