BBI Report in Kenya

BBI Report in Kenya – On Tuesday, 26 November2019 Building Bridge Initiative (BBI) report was handed to the President and the following day, on 27 November, His excellency Uhuru Kenya officially launched the report. This launch opened door for important conversation that would allow different parties to give their views. The report was released 20 months after the handshake between Uhuru and Raila

Some of the notable changes proposed in the BBI report include

Major changes suggested in the BBI report

The President

  • The president will be elected by the people and he/she must have an overall win of 50%+1 of the votes in the presidential seat. In addition he/she must have at least 25 % of the votes in more than half of the counties.
  • President will be head of state and government and the Commander-in-Chief.H
  • He/she will be the chair of of the cabinet. The cabinet will include Prime Minister, Vice president and Cabinet ministers
  • The term of the president will remain 2 terms each going for term going for 5 years

Deputy President

  • He/She will be the running mate of the president

Prime minister

  • He/she will be appointed by the president
  • He/she must be Member of the National Assembly from  the majority party in the house or one who seems to have the support of the majority of majority MPs
  • He/she must be confirmed by a resolution by MPS
  • He/she will be dismissed by the president or through a vote of no confidence in the Nation Assembly

Role of Prime Minister

  • Monitor day to day role of the government
  • Be leader of Government Business
  • He will chair cabinet sub committees

NB: The PM will have no additional salary; he/she will earn the same as other MPs

Cabinet ministers

The Cabinet ministers will be elected by the president, after having discussion with the prime minister. Unlike in the current selection where Cabinet Secretaries are not from the National Assembly, in the BBI report Minister will be MPs or technocrats (will be an ex-officio MP upon approval)

Permanent Secretary will not be subjected to parliamentary approval so as to lower the politicization of public service

Fight of corruption in the BBI

Some of the proposals made to fight corruption include

  • Ensure all public officers do not involve in any form of business with government
  • Publicizing all wealth declaration forms of public servants
  • Rewarding corruption whistle blowers with 5 percent of the any proceeds recovered in the reported cases
  • Freedom of media houses to expose corruption
  • Digitize all government services


Gender parity in leadership

To ensure gender equality a governor and his running mate should be from opposite gendet

Cost cutting measure proposed in BBI

  • Ensuring the ration between development expenditure and recurrent expenditure is at least 70:30
  • Minister will only earn their salaries as MP
  • No sitting allowances for all public officers on salaries
  • Newly elected Governors must complete the projects started by their predecessor or communicate formally the reason  for not completing the projest