Best Movies written and directed in Kenya

Kenyans are innovative and creative; Best Movies written and directed in Kenya is compliment article that looks at how different Kenyan writers and directors have created films that have ended up scoping awards both in Africa and in the world.

Kenya writers such Lizz Nyaga (House of Lungula) and Bill Kihora (Nairobi Half Life) have shown that Kenyans with the right attitude and resources are can write world class movies.

Best Movies written and directed in Kenya

Best Movies written and directed in Kenya

Below we have looked at aome of the Best Movies written and directed in Kenya

  1. 18 Hours

It is a 2017 Kenyan movie written and directed by Njue Kevin. The film depicts the real problems that Kenyans undergo in cases of road accidents. The film shows challenges the paramedics under go to save the lives of causalities. 18 hours is based on the story of real-life of Brian Odhiambo, a paramedic who has helped many victims of road accident. In this 70 minutes movie, the storyline is based on real life experience, of a hit and run victim who survives the ordeal but left in a critical condition. The paramedics find him on time but they face a problem finding a hospital that could actually admit him. The patient is kept waiting  in the ambulance for 18 hours and Zack, the paramedic, tries everything possible to save his patients life.  In both 2017 and 2018 the movie was nominated in several awards

  1. Rafiki

Rafiki, is also one of the Best movies written and directed in Kenya. The movie is based on love between two girls, Ziki and Kena. The film is based on the challenges that lesbian face in a society where such culture is not condoned. Inspired by the Monica Arac de Nyeko story in her book, ‘Jambula tree’, the writer Wanuri Kahiu wrote and directed this film which was latter banned by the Kenya film and Classification Board.

  1. Kati kati

Another outstanding film done by Kenyans is ‘Kati Kati’ released in 2016. The movie starts with the story of Kaleche, a lady who finds herself in unknown land in the midst of dry savannah. Unknown to her she is in land of the dead yet she remembers nothing. Like the people she finds in Katikati she will have to learn the cause of her death and also learn how to let go of life’s bitterness and events so as to peacefully live in after life.

  1. Watu wote

This movie creates a vivid picture in the minds of Kenyans as it’s based on a true strory that occurred in November, 2014. In this case a bus travelling from Mandera, Northern part of Kenya, was attacked by Al-shabab who separated the Christians and shot 28 people on the head. Most of those killed were majorly teachers going back to their homes after the closeure of schools for the December holiday. The movie borrows the same story and the ditector, Katja Benrath together with his team ensures the film is well done.

  1. Supa Modo

The reason why Supa modo, is also one of the best Movies written and directed in Kenya is that it related to some of the circumstance Kenyans go through. The movie outlines a story of a little girl known as Jo who has a terminal sickness. The worst happens for this girl when she is forced to go home to spend her final days with the family and friends. Her interest in to act in super film makes her family and villagers to create a fictional film known as Supa Modo.

  1. Nairobi Half Life

Another interesting Best Movies written and directed in Kenya is Nairobi halt life. As one of the best ever Kenyan movie the film is based on the life of Mwas, who lives the village in search of better life in Nairobi. On arrival to Nairobi he realises life is not so easy and eventually he joins a gang.  Directed by David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga, the movie won most of the awards at in 2014.

  1. House of Lungula

House of Lungula is Kenyan is another best film directed in Kenya.  Although it was classified as a. movie for not less than 18 years it is still seen as one of the best. It’s a sex comedy that outlines the lifestyle of Kenyans who are mixed up between marriage, poverty, wealth and peer influence.