Africa Nazarene University Distance Learning

Searching for Africa Nazarene University Distance Learning? Africa Nazarene University offers Open and Distance Learning to students.
The academic programs within the institute are designed to create the opportunity for those in need of advancing careers in various fields to do so with ease and convenience.

The Africa Nazarene University distance learning programs offer a unique opportunity to combine the power of technology and global networks with the infinite economic potential that is released when people acquire, create, and apply knowledge and skills.
The Africa Nazarene University Institute of Open and Distance Learning was established in the year 2011 to spearhead the development of institutional policies and strategies for promoting the innovative use of information and Communication Technologies to benefit learning, teaching and research activities at the University.

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Contact Information
IODL phone number – 0732-577-514
Africa Nazarene University (general enquiries) (254) 733 874 111 or 733 898, 573

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