Adventist University of Africa Scholarships

Adventist University of Africa Scholarships. Adventist University of Africa recognizes that there are worthy students from different areas in Africa who, despite their will and strong commitment to learning, do not have adequate financial resources to complete a graduate program on their own and, therefore, need financial support to reach their educational goals.

In response to this need, AUA has developed a scholarship fund from the generous support of donors.

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Since the fund is limited, scholarships can only be granted to students who have applied

Scholarship Criteria
1. All applicants must have completed one full year at AUA with a CGPA of 3.00.
2. Scholarships are limited to the annual amount available for a given year.
3. Scholarships may be granted only to students who have made, or can make, a contribution to their AUA bill using non-scholarship funds and/or student work credit.
4. Scholarships can only be applied to the current tuition fee and may not be applied to the student’s debt.
5. Any matriculated AUA student may apply, whether at the main or extension campuses.
6. All applications must include the following:
a. Completed Application Form
b. One-page personal statement that demonstrates his/her need
c.Current AUA account statement
d. Financial plan developed by the student that shows how the programme will be completed.
e) A letter of recommendation from any one of these sources 1) the home union/conference; 2) the employing organization; 3) the local church; or 4) an AUA faculty member

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Find the application form here

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