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On this day 1 December 2016, KCPE results were unexpectedly released by Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.  In comparison to other years where the results were released in the last week of December, this year the results came early. Interestingly to note there were no cases of cancellation and the number of malpractices have reduced to only 21 cases which is were not even clearly proven. In history this is the lowest case of malpractice ever witnessed.

The top candidate had 436 marks and 5190 students had 400 marks and above. The top ranked 2016 student wouldn’t have ranged anywhere above position 90 as per 2015 results. In addition the numbers of students with 400 and above marks have reduced by 31 percent from 7560 to 5190. However the emphasis on special education did bear good fruits as the top student with special need had 421 marks.

The parliament passed a bill to allow ranking of schools depending on their performance but Cs Matiangi explained the ministry is still consulting with several stakeholders so as to develop a good system. This means that there would be no ranking in this year.

Another good thing mentioned by the CS is that form one selection will begin on 9th December 2016. All students with 400 and above marks are assured of joining the national schools regardless of which school they attended to.

The Ministry of Education has assured that all privately registered students will have to do their exams in a government school. This is to discourage any form of malpractice. The CS assured they wouldn’t settle for anything less than the expected free and fair results.

All students waiting for their results should send an SMS with their Index Number to 22252 from the Safaricom, Airtel and Orange networks.

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