Achievers School of Professionals

Achievers School of Professionals
Minimum requirement
Certificate in Computer Engineering-ABMA        KCSE D+
Diploma in Computer Engineering            KCSEC
Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering     Diploma in Computer Engineering    
Certificate in Computing & Information          KCSE D+ or 2 years experience
Diploma in Computing & Information Systems     KCSEC
Advanced Diploma in Computing & Information     Diploma in Computing & Information
Certified Information and Technology (CICT)     KCSE C+
Diploma in I.T                        KCSE certificate or Computer packages
Networking essential                    Computer packages
Graphic design                    Computer packages
Web design                        Computer packages

Located in Pioneer Plaza, Mburu Gichua Road,Nakuru
P.O. BOX 3773-00200, Nakuru
Tel: 0700-034345, 0735-818777
Email Address: