2018 New KNEC Exams Rules

In 2018 New KNEC exams rules have been laid out. As the 1.7 million KCPE and KSCE candidates’ seat for their exams it will not be the easy for the students who are planning to cheat.

A total of 1,060,703 KCPE candidates and 664,585 KCSE candidates are actually preparing for the exams in the 27,161 centres. Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has laid out new exams rules which will ensure the monitoring of the exams will be properly done to avoid cheating.

Some of this change includes:

1. Examination answer booklet will be transported to the schools in September prior to exams. This will assist centre managers to know if the material will be enough.

2. The exam question papers will be distributed form KNEC offices few days before the exams. The papers will be stored in containers manned by sub-county education officer and an assigned KNEC officer.

3. No usage of mobile phone by the candidate, supervisor, invigilators and even schools heads.

4. The candidates spacing will be 1.22 metres

5. For every 20 candidates there should be one invigilator.200 students will be supervised by one supervisor.

6. In addition, in third term the ban on school activities like visiting day still remains.

7. On the day of the exam, exam question papers will not be kept in the staffroom. They will be kept in the examination room where the students, invigilators and supervisors will all monitor the exam.

8. The centre managers should not give any form of compensations, including fare of lunch, to the invigilators and supervisors. In case one demands such compensation, it should be reported to KNEC.

9. KCPE will be overseen by a total of 67,758 invigilators and 27,025 supervisors. On the other hand, KCSE will be monitored by 36,622 invigilators and 10,183 supervisors. The total number of examiners marking the papers will be 23,713

10. Once the exams are through, the supervisor will hand in the answer script to the centre managers who are also the head teachers and they will take them to distribution container where each container will be manned by 4 police officer on 24 hours.